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Peer Pressure Gauge (Building Relationships)

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Peer Pressure Gauge (Building Relationships)

Empower kids in grades K through 6 to recognize and resist negative peer pressure and learn to say "No!" even as forces around them escalate to give in to the peer group.

Norbert the namuh enjoys eating everything with jelly beans on it! One day, Norbert s teacher challenges his class to try something new. In order to encourage everyone to participate, the teacher continues to sweeten the pot. But when Norbert is less than eager to try the new food, he experiences first-hand what it is like to be on the receiving end of peer pressure. Norbert’s imaginative descriptions of how it feels to have your peer pressure gauge continue to rise will draw readers in, while they witness his internal deliberation as he tries to let his inner voice shine!

Award-winning author Julia Cook offers a vividly insightful look into peer pressure. Children will gain the social emotional skills of having self-confidence and listening to an inner voice while resisting influences which can change their values and behavior. Peer Pressure Gauge is the fourth installment of the popular Building Relationships series. Rampant with humor and creativity, coupled with vibrant illustrations by Anita DuFalla, teachers, parents, and kids alike will enjoy this imaginative story of how rising peer pressure feels, as they learn the skills necessary to triumph over this difficult issue.

Peer Pressure Gauge is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. Tips for parents and educators are located at the end of the story to further address that negative peer pressure can cause many difficulties.

From the Publisher

Peer Pressure Guage Julia Cook - Peer Pressure Gauge (Building Relationships)Peer Pressure Guage Julia Cook - Peer Pressure Gauge (Building Relationships)

Tip for Parents & Educators

Role-play different scenarios with children so they can practice their responses to negative peer pressure, and practice their resisting skills.

Encourage children to:

Understand their own beliefs and valuesHave self-confidenceChoose their friends wiselyTalk to a trusted adult if neededNot make excuses, instead practice saying exactly how they feelPractice coming up with reasons for getting out of tough situations

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Peer Pressure Gauge (Building Relationships)
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