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Onyx Kids Adventures: Don’t Leave the Door Open

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Onyx Kids Adventures: Don't Leave The Door Open

Onyx Kids Adventures is the funny and thrilling illustrated kids book series from the original series Onyx and Onyx Family on Onyx Flix and YouTube. Onyx Kids chronicles the adventures of brother and sister, Shiloh and Shasha, and their entire Onyx Family. The Onyx Kids encounter spooky creatures, crazy teachers, and weird friends who somewho all end up in the Onyx House where all the comedy and drama ensue.

In Book One, someone forgets to shut the door and in walks a mysterious foe. What could he want fron the land of the living? Onyx Flix is the destination platform where you will find all of the Onyx Kids and Onyx Family adventures where you can watch your books as a funny video. Download the app today and follow along with the book.

Shasha Onyx is a young, new author and one of the original stars of the Onyx Kids and Onyx Family shows. She loves entertaining children with fun, crazy stories that inspire a new generation to release their creativity and imagination. Rita Onyx is the author of Onyx Kids School Days, Onyx Mysteries, and other books in the Onyx world.

Chapter 1. “This house has to have it.” The voice growled. The tall skeleton popped its head over the gate. It was a dark and chilly night. A night when you want to be in bed under the covers or on the sofa with a blanket watching TV. A pair of bony hands wrapped around the backyard gate lock and with a simple turn, unlocked it. The gate opened up showing a short pathway leading to the back door. Each step the scrawny skeleton took made a soft rattle on the stone ground. “I’m in! Onyx Family, I’m coming for you. What you have, will be mine now…” The uninvited guest slowly slipped himself inside the Onyx house…

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Onyx Kids Adventures: Don’t Leave the Door Open
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